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Steve was easily the most pleasant to view a house with.

Steve was respectful, informed, and highly competent at his job.  As a first-time home buyer who had read up a fair amount, I had both a number of in-depth questions as well as numerous incorrect preconceived notions, and Steve was fantastic at explaining different situations and telling me when he  thought I was right and when he thought I might be off base on something and why.  Moreover, I greatly appreciated his immediate honesty on what a house did and didn't offer and why.

Important to me, personally, was that Steve was fairly familiar with the general costs and processes of improving and updating a home, and was conversant in both standard (e.g., new countertops) and non-standard (e.g., replacing a concrete slab in a garage) upgrades, including which of them I could and/or would want to do myself and which I would want to hire out.

On a somewhat secondary note, I had gone on many showings with many realtors before connecting with Steve, and Steve was easily the most pleasant to view a house with in my opinion.  In seems like many realtors tend to be over-talkers as they try to impress you with their thoughts and opinions, and Steve only jumped in when there was something interesting and non-obvious to point out.   His quiet confidence served him well, and it made me more comfortable as we went to showings. 

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